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Firbet Makes

Bethany Bronwyn Curtis

Hi, my name's Bethany Bronwyn Curtis or Firbet Makes.
I'm a Gloucestershire (UK) based multimedia artist who graduated from Hereford College of Arts with a BA(hons) in Illustration.
While studying at HCA I experienced a plethora of new viewpoints and relationships. This incited my efforts to capture unique snapshots of life to speak of them to a wide audience. My favourite artwork to create relates to nature and gastronomy, especially together.As an** Asexual, Aromantic, Agender artist** I aim to advocate and spread awareness of the A-spectum and experience to people outside the community.One of my other goals is to show the positive cooperation between classically inspired and modern inspired artists by displaying my work alongside others and mutally supporting eachother.

Email me at: Firbetmakes@gmail.com


Digital Artwork

Artwork made using the digital art app procreate. used to achieve effects and artwork which would be difficult to achieve in acrylic. Has a clean style accentuated with texture and effects.

Traditional Artwork

Artwork made using a combination of acrylic paints, inks, markers, and airbrush. Thick styles utilizing colour and shape to achieve bold outcomes


Artwork made using the digital art app procreate. Used to create short looping animated gifs and looping images

Past Projects

Contains some of my past projects like self published zines, and branding commissions.

Zine Contributions

Support Me


Much of my artwork is available as keyrings, prints, and much more. Check out my store for my full range of products


For a small one time donation use ko-fi. Any support is truly appreciated.

Zine Contributions

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cookbook Zine Vol 2

Release Date: TBA
Role: Merch Illustrator

MCZR: A Minecraft Speedrunning Zine

Release Date: N/A
Role: Page Illustrator

Kaleidoscopic Absolution: Silver the Hedgehog Zine

Release Date: TBA
Role: Graphics Moderator

Cafe Memories: A Zatch Bell Zine

Preorder Date: TBA
Role: Page Illustrator

Once Upon a Rainbow: A Queer Fairytale Zine

Release Date: TBA
Role: Comic Illustrator

Dragon's Den: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Zine

Preorder Date: 2023 June 14th - July 22nd
Role: Merch Illustrator

20x20: A Hikaru no Go Zine

Release Date: 2022 January 21st
Role: Page + Merch Illustrator

A Tie that Binds: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Holiday Zine

Preorder Date: 2022 November 26th - December 20th
Role: Page Illustrator

Duel Dish, Activate!: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Cookbook Zine

Preorder Date: 2021 August 30 - October 10
Role: Page Illustrator

Project Sakura: A Yu-Gi-Oh! Zine

Preorder Date: 2021 September 18th - October 18th
Role: Tea Tin Illustrator

Heart & Soul: A YGO Signature Card Zine

Preorder Date: 2021 March 14 - April 03
Role: Page Illustrator

Lacquer Zine Vol 1: Necrobeat - A Free Yu-Gi-Oh! Zine

Release Date: December 2020
Role: Page Illustrator

Full Colour Illustration 
Colour Sketch£15

Colouring Sheets£15

YGO! Card Art 
Extra Character(s)+ £10
Detailed Character+ £20
Detailed Background+ £20

Extra Character+ £10
Mixed Media Illustration+ £10
Animated Gif+ £20

Email me specifics for projects that do not fit any of these

Fine Tuning

Payment can be either paid fully after the rough sketch
Or 50% at rough sketch and 50% at finished illustration
This is to ensure mutual trust in fulfillment of the transaction on both sides.Please keep in mind the price of illustrations are subject to change depending on complexity and timeframe.I will charge extra if you want large changes to illustrations after you have confirmed the refined sketch.Payment will be taken over paypal using their invoice service, if you have any problems please let me know.I will only start the commission fully when I am paid in any amount. l will send you your desired outcome(s) over email when I’m paid fully.

If you have any problems with anything during the commission you can contact me over email.
I can also give updates if you request one outside of my regular updates.
My primary method of communication is with my email -
Or Discord -
Let me know if this is a problem!

I Will Work On:

No Thanks:
Anything NSFW
Any Fetish
Anything Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Acephobic, Pedophillic, Hate Speech, ect.
Explicit / Intense Gore
Kissing ( makes me uncomfortable, I'm sorry )
Anthro / Furry
Fanart / Original Characters
Cartoon / Candy Gore

Terms of Service

∙ If you break a rule or do not pay for a commission I will refuse your future commissions.∙ I hold the right to refuse a commission if I feel uncomfortable with it.∙ I won’t copy or trace another artist's work for you.
(illustrating in a similar style to an artwork is fine.)
∙ No artwork you commission from me can be reproduced or used for commercial profit without my written
permission. You can ask for this permission after the commission is complete, if you haven't already asked.
∙ If you post my work online for display please credit me.∙ Please do not drop out of a commission without warning


Discord ID: FirbetMakes#4359

Example Email

To: Firbetmakes@gmail.com
Subject Line: Commission :D
Main Body: Hi I'd like...
- Brief discription
- Size of the piece
- The Level you want
- The Extras you want
- (For Fanart) Characters Name + Series
- Any Extra Notes
Attachments: Reference Images / Sketches
And I'll get back to you to confirm I've got the email :D


Firbet Makes

Bethany Bronwyn Curtis
Freelance Illustrator
05/1999 | United Kingdom, Gloucestershire

Software - Meduims

Acrylic, Inks, Acrylic Markers

Digital Editing
Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign


Character Design
GIF Animation


Sales Assistant & Freelance Marketing Illustrator / Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre

Initiated a redesign of the online branding and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Independently designed new branding from scratch to be implemented in packaging, merchandise, and advertising.

Self Employed Artist / Firbet Makes

  • Exhibited at “MCM Comic Con Birmingham” 2021 & 2022 in the artist alley, and “CMYK Festival 2022” as a vendor.

  • Contributed page illustrations to 7 collaborative zine projects. Including illustrating the cover of the “Aspec Journal Zine”’s 2021 edition.

  • Completed multiple commissions with a variety of subjects, all pushed to a well received outcome

  • Displaying and retailing my work on an online store and multiple social media accounts.

  • Retailing my work for sale in a Gloucester street view shop.

Freelance Website Designer / Roots Coffe & Community
JULY 2022

Commissioned to Redesign the website and online click and collect store to function smoothly on desktop and mobile. Also created a consistent banding theme and reorganised the files of the website.

Cake Baker / Woodruffs

Freelance Animator / Our Man in the Moone

Created an animation based on a provided script with a team of university peers. Constructed an overarching project timeline, assigned tasks, and reviewed ideas & contributions with the team. Created a storyboard, animatic, and animation of a 15 second scene.

Freelance Illustrator & Workshop Manager / Hay Festival of Literature & Arts

Collaboratively designed a banner for "Hay Festival" with a team of university peers. Independently finished my assigned illustration elements.
Created, organised, and oversaw an hour long workshop at "Hay Festival" in a team alongside 2 peers.

Freelance Artist / Atlantic Games

Initiated a commission to paint miniatures for “Atlantic Games” shop window and instore display.

Sales Assistant / South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
2017 - 2017, Stroud

Freelance Designer / Black Heart Creatives

Illustrated vector designs for “Black Heart Creatives” commissions using “Adobe Illustrator”.


Bachelor of Arts in Illustration / Hereford College of Arts
2017 - 2020, HEREFORD

Extended Diploma in Art and Design / South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
2016 - 2017, STROUD

Diploma in Art and Design / South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
2015 - 2016, STROUD

GCSE / Rednock School
A - C
English, Maths, Science, French, Geography, Catering, IT, Fine Art


Severn Vale Art Trail

Upcoming exhibit at St James' Church.

Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre

Permenent display at Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre.

HCA X Safer Streets

Murals instaled under Herefords major underpasses.
Organised by Hereford College of Arts

MCM Comic Con Birmingham
2021/2022, BIRMINGHAM

Participation in MCM comic con's artist alley.

Hereford University Student Accomadation

Artwork displayed on the student accomadation to represent Hereford Creativity

CMYK Fesival

Participation in Hereford CMYK Festival 2022.

Hereford College of Arts

Graduation showcase at Hereford College of Arts.

Hay Festival

Collabrative project between hereford illustration students to create a children's banner.

Zine Contributions

Cover Illustrator / Aspec Journal Zine 'History and Mythology'
2021 - 2021

Page & Merch Illustrator / Hikaru no Go Free Zine '20x20'
2022 - 2022

Spread Illustrator / Yu-Gi-Oh! Charity Zine 'A Tie that Binds'
2022 - 2022

Tea Tin Illustrator / Yu-Gi-Oh! Charity Zine 'Project Sakura'
2021 - 2021

Page Illustrator / Yu-Gi-Oh! Charity Cookbook Zine 'Duel Dish, Activate!
2021 - 2021

Page Illustrator / Yu-Gi-Oh! Charity Zine 'Heart & Soul'
2021 - 2021

Page Illustrator / Yu-Gi-Oh! Free Zine 'Lacquer Zine Vol 1: Necrobeat'
2020 - 2021

Digital Artwork

Traditional Artwork


Character Designs

"Madeleine and Latte" Book Concept

My final major project of my final year at Hereford College of Arts.For this project I designed and illustrated a non-fiction children's book concept based around world foods. I created a final set of 10 illustrations for a 20 page zine.I also created a set of book mockups to showcase how a finished book may look like.My full progress was documented on my university blog.

A-spec Journal Zine 2021 Edition

Cover controbution I made for the Aspec Journal's 2021 issue.The Aspec Journal is a zine started by a collection of Asexual/Aromantic/Agender artists to celebrate and spread awareness or the A-spectrum.

Gloucestershire Arts & Crafts Centre Branding

My branding of a decade old artist run cooperative in the heart of Gloucester including business cards, icons, and banners.This project was initiated by me proposing a redesign of the shop as it had recently acquired a permanent location.From this proposal I designed a branding sheet I used to make a tote bag, business card, voucher, window display, and more.

Fandom Zine Social Media Advertising

I modderated a large scale community projec, overseeing over 60 artists and writers to produce a free zineI also designed the logos, graphics, title illustration, website, and pdf

Firbet Makes Branding

I've been designing my own personal art brand for the last 4 years using a consistent colour palette and mascot character.I aim to make a consistent design langauge between my website, social media, and online store.

Roots Coffee & Community
Website Design

My website redesign of a Gloucesters Roots Coffe & Community.I was commissioned to rework Roots Wix backed website into something that worked seamlessly over desktop and mobile. I also had to create their new click and collect service page.For this design I aimed to section the website into three distinct secions which each focused on a diffrent aspect of Roots Coffe & Community.

Mamafrog Mosaics Branding

Commissioned branding for a local Gloucestershire mosaic artist. Included designing business cards, logo, a banner.The artist approached me after seeing my previous work to create more modern branding for packaging and advertisement.

2023 A-Spectrum Pride Wolves

A yearly tradition to draw wolves on pride month in support of aspec identities.In 2023 I redesigned my wolf characters. Each was based off of a different type of wolf for more diversity between body shapesI also created outfits for each one to fit in for different roles around a cafe.
With 9 illustrations mimicing vintage poster designs.

2022 A-Spectrum Pride Wolves

A yearly tradition to draw wolves on pride month in support of aspec identities.For 2022 I focused on using a limited colour palette, by only using the colours of the flag along with white and black.I. used screen tones and negative space to create cohesive graphical designs.

2021 A-Spectrum Pride Wolves

A yearly tradition to draw wolves on pride month in support of aspec identities.This year I expanded the identities drawn to include smaller identities in the aspec community.8 identities are displayed with the middle wolf representing the whole community.The scene was formatted so that each wolf would have an A3 section to themselves.

Inktober 2022 Ink Sketches

Each year during October I take part in the online challenge inktober where I drew 31 illustrations using fineliners and markers.For 2022 I decided to draw 31 character sketches to practice posing, expression, and design of human characters.

Inktober 2021 Colouring Book

Each year during October I take part in the online challenge inktober where I drew 31 illustrations using fineliners and markers.For 2021 I decided to draw 31 colouring pages featuering animals and food.

Inktober 2020 Zine

Each year during October I take part in the online challenge inktober where I drew 31 illustrations using fineliners and markers.For 2021 I decided to draw 31 storybook pages of a short original story.